What is therapy really like? – Envision Counseling Clinic – October Newsletter

As a client, it can be intimidating to walk into a counselor’s office. (Just calling for an appointment can be scary enough!) Thoughts might cloud your thinking that sound like, “What will he think of me?” “Is she judging me?” or “I wonder if I’m the most messed up person he’s ever seen?” It takes a lot of courage to go into an office with a person you have never met before and disclose very personal information about yourself. Thankfully, therapy is not as intimidating as we might make it out to be in our minds. Here are some things about therapy that might ease your mind and help you take that first step. 

Judgment Free Zone

Your therapist is NOT there to judge you! It is natural to think this since there is so much judgment and unsolicited advice given online and in relationships. Your therapist’s job is not to judge, but rather assist you in creating a more fulfilling life that aligns with your life goals. Most of the time for this to occur, someone needs to process life events, hurts, and failures. This is very typical and nothing will shock your therapist–they have heard it all! When you share something that has been on internal lock down for years, it is natural to cry. Crying does not scare a therapist – in fact, you get bonus points with therapists when you cry! Feel free to be the real you because that is when you usually have the best and most productive therapy sessions.